Bollywood Superstar follows Mahesh diet?

Posted : September 10, 2014 at 7:01 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Few weeks back, B-twon star Salman Khan claimed that he has changed his work out regimen and also enjoying a new diet and revealed that, he is also consuming “Quina” to satiate his hunger. Actually, it was the only diet for superstar Mahesh Babu in 2013, when he totally relied on this magic powder for his lean and mean look in Nenokadine’. Under the guidance of trainer Kris Gethin, the Dhookudu star used to have 1/4 kg of Quina as breakfast and lunch and some times dinner too to keep himself fit and trim.

He even gave up usual diet like rotiis, rice and even biryani and just lived on this magic powder and showed his commitment for fitness. Even though its costly for a common man since 1 kg of quina works around Rs.3000 per day  but for big stars like Salman and Mahesh its just peanuts, but we should appreciate their efforts to encourage young generation about the importance of health and fitness, through their lifestyles.