Bollywood beckons Brahmanandam ?

Posted : November 17, 2013 at 11:57 am IST by ManaTelugu


Brahmanandam may be veteran with longest innings but he got the Bolllywood calling only now. Although it is very late, Brahmanandam’s talent is recognized with writer Director Anis Bazmee who saw some of Brahmanandam movies and liked his body language and sought to dub him from Telugu movies to Hindi . He says Brahmanandam’s style of acting and transforming himself into the role with an ease was a great plus point and demand in Hollywood.

So now the maker of Singh is Kinng and Welcome etc is now planning at least five comic scenes of Brahmanandam with super stars Anil Kapur and Nana Patekar for his ‘Welcome back ‘a sequel to Welcome ‘.Anis Bazmee says these sequences will be great comic stoppers of the film.

We are all confident that Brahmanandam will act with ease in Hindi as good as in Telugu that the coming king of Telugu will fare well in Hindi industry too. But all the chances are that Brahmanandam will be the proverbial South Indian like Mehamood and Johny Liver in Bollywood films to mock a ‘Madrasee’.