BJP’s future in Telangana state?

Posted : July 27, 2013 at 2:07 pm IST by ManaTelugu
This seems to be the question in the minds of BJP central as well as state leadership because the party’s sole hope to get more seats in AP was Telangana issue and are now bewildered when Congress has suddenly hijacked this issue without any prior hints.

Everyone including KCR was of the opinion that Sonia will not take any decision and something concrete will emerge only after 2014 elections but this sudden move by Congress has taken the steam out of BJP and TRS. This will also take away the entire strength that TRS was gathering all this time.

In case Telangana is granted, TRS may have no reason for its existence while BJP may have no agenda expect for bragging about Narendra Modi. On the other hand, MIM party is of the opinion that BJP may resort to aggressive communalism which will polarize Hindus and votes in Telangana and throw them a direct challenge.