BJP’s future after Rayala Telangana formation?

Posted : July 3, 2013 at 2:40 pm IST by ManaTelugu
BJP has been betting big time on Telangana sentiment after sensing a big opportunity in the region after the renewed struggle for separate state picked pace from 2009 December. After having ousted from its hard won base called Karnataka in the South, the saffron party is eyeing at majority Lok Sabha seats from Telangana in 2014 so that it can bag good number of seats even from South India for Modi’s ascend to power.

In this regard the party is also aggressively planning to get Modi for campaigning here for the next one year. But in case Congress leadership okays Rayala Telangana, BJP cadres are worrying as to what will happen to the party here. MIM is sure of its existence in case RT is formed while Jagan will have to be beat a hasty retreat from this region.

Congress will cut KCR to size with this move while TDP is expected to fight till the finish in 2014 in the newly formed state. But once a state is formed, the party may be worried as to what will its trump card be for 2014 elections. This is going to be an interesting situation.