Bipasha shows her love for Bikini

Posted : March 21, 2013 at 12:30 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Every Indian Actress says that she is not comfortable to wear Bikini, because of script demands they wore the bikinis, but Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu says she is very much comfortable with bikinis and her attraction for the swimsuit started when she was a kid. Recently she was selected as brand ambassador of India Resort Wear Fashion Week, while addressing the media in that press meet she said that “When I was two years old, my dad got me a bikini from Australia. I have that picture and that looks really cute. So, from that time I have been a girl who loves sun and beach, so, it’s something which comes naturally to me. It’s not definitely to create a screen image. I am very comfortable off-screen also. I am totally a beach bum.” Bipasha has donned the two-piece in films like “Dhoom 2” and “Players”. Asked which Bollywood actress she feels looks confident in bikinis, she said, “I think Zeenat Aman, at some point, was the hottest actress ever”. She is iconic, and to match her sexiness is tough for all of us contemporaries. “In today’s time, all girls are fit and look hot and glamorous. I think anyone can look good in a bikini. “It’s just the factors – you need to be little confident. It is not about wearing a bikini, it’s about wearing your confidence more,” she added. So, ultimately she summarized that any actress who wants to look Hot onscreen should wear Bikini. So, let us await and see how film goers will react.