Big Hero’s Daughter compatibilities woes

Posted : September 14, 2013 at 5:58 am IST by ManaTelugu

Soundarya Rajnikanth, the younger daughter of Superstar, feels his father and his sister’s husband Dhanush are one and the same when it comes to their lifestyles. It was because of this reason Aishwarya Rajinikanth got used to the post marriage life with Dhanush so quickly. However, Soundarya is yet to get accustomed to the married life even after 3 years of her marriage with soulmate Ashwin who runs a family-owned construction company.

Actually, Soundarya and Ashwin met for the first time in a gym. They used to workout together and after sometime Soundarya expected him to propose to her. On one day, Ashwin shouted ‘Rajinikanth’s Daughter, Big Fan’ instead of confessing his love and Soundarya was very upset with it. Five years later, Ashwin proposed to Soundarya at the same place after taking the consent of Rajinikanth for the marriage with his daughter. Interestingly, he even showed the engagement ring to the Superstar a day before he has said that three magical words.

Coming from two different backgrounds is what that makes the married life a bit difficult for Soundarya. Wish they finds the compatibility very soon!