Big drama around ‘Legend’ satellite rights?

Posted : March 17, 2014 at 8:27 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Earlier there were reports that satellite rights of Balakrishna’s forthcoming release ‘Legend’ are picked up by Gemini TV for 8.5 crores. But here comes a shocking drama that got unfolded around this whole episode, which industry insiders are ranting a lot.

Two popular entertainment TV channels, MAA and Gemini have offered a price of 7 Crores initially, but the makers of Balakrishna’s latest commercial pot boiler demanded 8.5 crores to sell satellite rights. In fact, 14 Reels has to recover their losses from ‘1 Nenokkadine’ through their next projects like Legend, Aagadu and Dookudu Kannada remake. But in the last minute, due to a decision taken by I&B Ministry, Govt of India, Gemini stepped back from buying Legend, while MAA TV is now offering only 4.5 Crores, a source said. Why is this blow suddenly?

When price negotiations are going on, suddenly there is a directive from Information and Broadcasting ministry that only 12 minutes of advertisements per hour are allowed for all entertainment channels. In that case, a movie couldn’t be stretched for hours to incorporate more ads in between to earn more. That obviously affects the price a TV channel doles out for satellite rights of a top star’s movie. As the recovery options are low, they will quote low price for sure.

Because of government’s move, Legend’s satellite price got astronomically cut down to half of the original demand, but area-wise distributors of movie are approaching 14 Reels with big offers to release the movie.