Bible Test for Jagan

Posted : September 25, 2012 at 9:01 am IST by ManaTelugu
Late CM YS.Rajasekhara Reddy’s son YS.Jagan became so strong with in no time that now all the political parties are trying to findout new methods and means by which he can be cut down to size. They are evolving strategies to bring him down but till now nothing worked in their favor. Cong High Command and the ruling govt in AP thought that people will loath him if his father YSR is defamed but it did not happen. It boomeranged on them as his popularity grew in leaps and bounds and when they thought that he could be cornered in Chanchalguda jail, turn of political events are making them prostrate before him.
Now TDP senior leaders Kottakota Dayakara Reddy and Varla Ramayya are coming up with new plans so that Jagan can be baffled. They feel that Jagan should be hit by sentiment and are asking Jagan to undergo bible test. They question what Jagan was doing in Delhi during 17th -19th of April and what secret pact Vijayamma arrived with PM and Sonia Gandhi during presidential elections. They say if in their heart of hearts Vijayamma and Jagan feel that they haven’t committed any crime and are honest why don’t they take oath and say the same on their holy scripture ‘BIBLE’. They are even asking what would Brother Anil would say on the whole episode.
It has to be seen what would be response of YSRCP and Vijayamma’s response to the challenge of TDP leaders and whether Vijayamma and Jagan will take Bible Test and pass with distinction.