Bhuvaneswari’s midnight booze show

Posted : November 28, 2012 at 10:00 am IST by ManaTelugu
Actress Bhuvaneswari is not known to all but she is a popular sex bomb in South. She on Sunday treated crowd on road to free midnight booze show in Chennai which infuriarated them who started calling her names. Even then she did not listen and after enjoying herself with her dance in skimpy clothes, she sped past the place.

It happened when Kumar, a resident of Tambaram, went to Tupaki movie in a Kar at Eyambakkam, Prarthana Theater. He parked his car and when he was about to alight, a car consisting of Madras High Court Judge Damodara Krishna along with Bhuvaneswari hit at the back. This led to skirmish between them and onlookers complained to police.

When Inspector Krishnamurthy was inquiring on the whole incident, Bhuvaneswari who was fully drunk started dancing in her own style. Chennaities who are quite traditional are furious over the whole incident and are demanding strict action against Bhuvaneswari.