‘Bhai’ First Look Fails To Impress

Posted : August 10, 2013 at 5:38 am IST by ManaTelugu

We cannot judge a film by its posters, but they are the ones that attract people to theatres. And for heroes who are losing sheen, these posters should be sky rocketing hype and pumping enthusiasm among fans.

King Nagarjuna is facing tough times these days with no proper hit falling to his credit. His latest venture is ‘Bhai’ under the direction of Veerabhadram, who delivered Poola Rangadu and Aha Na Pellanta. The first look poster of ‘Bhai’ that is released today has hugely disappointed Akkineni fans. The director has actually promised a never before treat for Nag fans, but the poster is making it look like regular pan-masala stuff. Also a couple of working stills of the flick are giving an impression of watching Nagarjuna’s super flop movie ‘Don’. The title design, the age old pose of hero on bike with lady arching in front of him is not giving those required goose bumps.

At a time when stars like Pawan and Mahesh are roaring with the teasers of their upcoming release, senior hero Nagarjuna should be more careful in promoting his flick. Irrespective of movie’s stamina, first look needs to blow out eyes without any fail, to bring massive openings.