Betting for Jagan Bail

Posted : September 29, 2012 at 7:28 am IST by ManaTelugu
Anything of interest will revolve around money in this world and when it involves high profile incidents and individuals then huge money will change hands. This may result in huge profits or huge losses and fortunes swing back and forth in this betting game. Jagan is a phenomenon one can not ignore whether one hates or loves.
Currently he is spending his time in Chanchalguda jail and if one think that he is worried about his future, then they would be mistaken. He is busy finalizing candidates for the coming general elections and simultaneously trying his best to come out of jail on bail. Many times he filed petition with court applying for bail and whenever his bail application comes for hearing there will be lot of betting involved.
Even the betting pattern diverges. While in Kadapa which is Jagan’s stronghold betting is heavily loaded in favor of Jagan while in other areas it is quite evenly poised. Till now there are no favorable signals on Jagan’s bail application but betting game never ceases to stop.One has to wait and watch who will emerge winners in this betting battle in the long run. Seems even betting fame requires lot of patience and strategic skills.