Beat Chiru with stones

Posted : August 2, 2013 at 2:58 pm IST by ManaTelugu
PRP former women wing chief Shobha Rani called upon the people of the Seemandhra region to beat the union tourism minister Chiranjeevi with stones, if he comes to their areas.

Shobha Rani self-imposed house arrest at her residence in Srinagar Colony in Hyderabad, protesting against state bifurcation on Friday.

Speaking to the media on the occasion, she said Chiranjeevi was the main reason for the bifurcation. She said the Congress president Sonia Gandhi who chose to divide the state should leave India. Stating that the Seemandhra leaders were not in a position to go out, she said this was the reason why she self-imposed house arrest. Calling Chiranjeevi an actor even in real life, Shobha Rani said wherever he went including Telangana, he would be beaten up by the people. She also threatened that they would not allow the films of Chiranjeevi’s family members to run.