‘I’ll be killed if I say yes to Politics’

Posted : July 22, 2013 at 12:47 pm IST by ManaTelugu
TV anchor – actress – item girl Udaya Bhanu claims she has threat to her life if she enters into politics. While speculations about her political foray has been rife for a time, Bhanu set the record straight in a recent interview to a leading English Tabloid. “I may be killed if I enter into politics. My bold and frank attitude doesn’t fit politics. I’ve got a few offers from leading political parties and was also offered gifts from them which I declined to take up. If I join traditional politics, then I can’t be part of change I expected to do. I’ve no plans to join politics. I will fight against problems with my pen and songs.”

Bhanu’s latest folk ‘revolutionary’ song, which she wrote, composed tune and sung in MAA TV’s ‘Rela re Rela’, has been talking point and it’s made her a sought after figure in political and social circles. “My song is not subjected to just any one particular region or group. It’s based on the plight of people across borders. I didn’t target any individual or any specific political party. It’s about political leaders across parties.”

But her song had been removed soon after a day it was put on YouTube. Ask her about it. She fumes, “While YouTube has porn content and vulgar videos, why can’t it boast my folk song which depicts common man’s plight? In fact, I fear to search my name in Google as I know what are the words search engine shows after my name.”