BC’s blasting KCR

Posted : November 18, 2012 at 11:32 am IST by ManaTelugu

BC organisations are up in arms and are blasting TRS chief KCR’s dictatorial ways. They are angry with KCR for ignoring them and their leaders when he invited TJAC leaders for a meet to discuss over telangana fight. BCs are already protesting TJAC convener Kodandarami Reddy for his insulting comments against Dalit and women minister Geetha Reddy.
BCs are peeved with KCR not inviting Telangana Gazetted Officers president Sriniasa Gowd, Electricity Workers Union leader Raghu, Dalit leaders Addanki Dayakar, Rasamayi Balakishen for the JACs meet. They allege that KCR is not willing to give importance to dalits and that was the reason why he chose to ignore them. They are questioning why is he neglecting them to the core though he is recieving their help in all fronts. They allege KCR announced Dalit becoming first CM of telangana only to draw a wedge between all BCs.

They allege that since Reddys and Velamas can not co exist KCR is tryig to get FC rule in telangana along with Kodandaram. MRPS chief Krishna Madiga is going hammer and tongs on KCR over the issue. He said if KCR dont mend his ways he will launch a movement against him. Even Telangana OBC JAC convener Kasturi Jayaprasad said KCR is against BCs since long time and branded TRS as Telangana Rao(Telangana Velama Doras),Reddys Sangh.