Basanthi Movie Review – 2.75/5

Posted : February 28, 2014 at 6:32 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Rating: 2.75/5
Starring: Gautam Raja,Alisha Beig,Ranadeep Ghatla, Naveena Jackson
Director: Chaitanya Danthuluri
Producer: Chaitanya Danthuluri
Banner: Start Camera Pictures
Music: Mani Sharma

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Basanthi Movie Review


Arjun (Goutham) is graduation student who follows his heart. He come across Roshini (Alisha Baig) in a wedding and with a series of incidents, they turn friends. In Parallel to this story, Terrorist head Babar who gets arrested is sent to Hyderabad ATS Centre on an enquiry. Gaazi and team heads to Hyderabad to make Babar escape and to achieve this he plans for bomb blasts. However, the blasts plan gets leaked to police Ali Khan (Shayaji) by arresting Razzaq (Bhanu). Now, Gaazi with an alterative plan attacks Basanti College and take students into their hostage. The rest forms the crux.


Raja Gautam delivers a subtle performance and he is impressive in the act. He gains command on dialogue delivery and surpasses his performance from previous films.

Alisha Baig looks good and she is a mediocre performer. Ranadir is impressive, Tanikella Bharini is convincing, Sayaji Shinde is interesting, Dhanraj is wasted. Others were adequate.

Technical Analysis:

Mani Sharma composed tunes are decent while the background score is exceptional, which is an asset for the movie. Cinematography is on top notch. Marthand K Venkatesh editing could have been better. Chaitanya Dhantuluri makes an honest attempt and the production values are standard.


Basanti takes off well and the cast Gautam, Alisha Baig keeps engaged with decent performances. Chaitanya Dantuluri executed the first half neatly with refreshing scenes. Interval block is impressive and raises expectations on the latter half. A couple of twists in the second hour are impressive but the proceedings move at slow pace. Also with too many cinematic liberties like a college student attacking the terrorists without weapons lacks realism approach. Such forced heroism scenes could have been avoided. The film has been set in a strong backdrop and audiences will expect a gripping screenplay but the film lacks the needed strength at crucial scenes thus failing to make it a memorable one. Nevertheless, Basanti has its moments with some impressive dialogues and the director makes an honest attempt unlike opting for commercial elements and formulaic approaches.

Final Verdict:

A decent attempt, but could have been much better…