Bangaru Kodipetta Movie Review – 2.5/5

Posted : March 7, 2014 at 11:22 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Navdeep , Swathi , Harsha Vardhan and others

Directed by : Raj Pippalla

Produced by : Sunitha Tati

Banner :Guru Films

Music by : Mahesh Shankar

Release Date : 2014-03-07

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Bangaru Kodipetta Movie Review

Navdeep who has been desperately searching for a hit has teamed up with Swathi this time. Raj Pippalla directed this film which grabbed the attention of film lovers with attractive promos.

What is it about?

This film is about three stories.

1) Vamsi (Navdeep) and Bhanu (Swathi) plans to rob few kilos of gold to settle down in life.
2) An aspiring actor Venu (Santosh) realizes one can be hero in real life.
3) Two brothers (Ram Lakshman) unite after being separated due to property related clashes.


Swathi is impressive as usual. She looked dull and pale to suit the character. She is very expressive and delivered the best for the character. Navdeep’s performance is fine. He is very handsome in this film. Harsha Vardhan excelled every time he is on screen. Santosh failed to do justice to his role. There is nothing much to say about other actors.


Raj Pippalla failed to extract the best out of his technical crew. Everyone has come up with average or below average output. Cinematography is just okay and music is mediocre. None of the songs are impressive. Background score is a total letdown. Editing could have been much much better. Editor could have chopped chunks of waste from this film. Director’s efforts as a writer are good, but he has failed miserably in the execution part. Films like these need a racy screenplay and Raj Pippalla failed to make this an engaging film despite interesting plot.


Bangaru Kodipetta starts off on an interesting note and looks promising at the start. But it fizzled out at a rapid pace with director taking the slow route. The film’s screenplay never shifts gears and gets boring as it reaches the interval point. We expect things to get better and fast in the second half, but the director had other ideas.

He continued to take it forward at his own leisure pace and Bangaru Kodipetta gets tiresome at a point. The film only gathers speed towards the climax and ends on a fine note. Except for the climax sequences, nothing works in favor of this film. The premise is good and could have been a fine crime caper if the director took care of the entertainment factor and made the film engaging.

We have seen better films with the same plot and hence Bangaru Kodipetta fails to impress on a whole. Only thing noteworthy is the screenplay format used to narrate this film that has three stories intervened into one. Director failed to write impressive scenes on other characters except for the lead pair. Swathi and Navdeep shouldered this ordinary film and made it watchable. Director’s weaknesses hampered the prospects of this Hen and hence it ended up as a below average fare.

Verdict: ‘Bronze’ Kodipetta!!