Baahubali Doesn’t Cares Downpour

Posted : September 5, 2014 at 1:19 am IST by ManaTelugu


Withstanding raze and ferociousness of wild nature, tough taskmaster SS Rajmouli is busy wrapping key scenes of ‘Baahubali’ in forests of Mahabaleshwar, Karnataka. Along with our creative director, even his team seems to be not caring about any calamity when it comes to clenching their fists for this magnum opus.

Wearing rain coats, dressing plastic covers on equipment and getting electronic devises under the make-shift tents, Rajamouli and his crew are breathing life into Baahubali in harsh weather conditions. Due to cyclone, Mahabaleshwar and surrounding areas are lashed by heavy rains, but Baahubali team doesn’t want to waste a single minute even. Attributing this work in heavy downpour to cinematographer Senthi, director Rajamouli stated that it is his ace camera man’s wonderful planning that is helping them cane scenes at Mahabaleshwar.

‘Mist makes it beautiful, rain makes it un-shootable, but, Sendhil still managed to capture some magical shots’, said Rajamouli. Including Prabhas and Tamanna, some key actors are taking part in this latest schedule of Baahubali. First part of the film is aimed at 17th April, 2015 release.