Baahubali Changing The Face of Tollywood

Posted : October 21, 2013 at 6:35 am IST by ManaTelugu

Rajamouli’s latest movie ‘Baahubali’ is coming up with double expectations as the talented film maker has earlier delivered a visual spectacle called ‘Eega’. Cine observers feel that the whole history of Tollywood will be re-written after the release of Baahubali, and that is what one gets to feel after seeing stuff.

Already hero Prabhas has sculpted a new look for this flick with sharp abs and shaped biceps, and got that warrior attire to suit his role. Holding big swords and handling big armies, our hunk hero is going to be seen as a historical warrior coming to present to create history at the moment. Director Rajamouli’s idea of bringing back the age of Kings to present world is getting transformed into reality as all his lead cast including Prabhas, Rana and Anushka learning horse riding, sword fighting and other iron-age martial arts that will presented in this  movie.

Apart from the cast, Rajamouli will be extensively supported by the Visual Effects team and for that they are using latest equipment both for filming the movie and recording the data. On location editing with a digital time stamp is being used by the crew for the first time, such that Rajamouli will see his visualization as a scene directly from the shooting spot itself. Producers are ensuring that security of the data will be at highest priority, as the leakage of Attarintiki Daredi has thought a lesson to all. Huge sets are being erected by director Sabu Cyril to get that grand feel for the movie, and biggies like Ramoji Rao are shocked after seeing those designs.

All these individual creative is going to be a homogenous mixture that is going to change the face of Tollywood forever, it appears.