�Baadshah� is �Dookudu� sequel

Posted : April 6, 2013 at 1:17 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Young Tiger Junior NTR and Sriu Vaitla combo �Baadshah� which was released on yesterday is acquiring a mixed response from audience and fans, Most of the fans are saying that this film is similar to Mahesh Babu�s �Dookudu�. Srinu Vaitla directed �Baadshah� as �Dookudu� sequel. If we compare �Baashah� with �Dookudu� they are almost comparable to each other.  
In �Dookudu� film Mahesh act as a Police officer, In �Baadshah� NTR is also a police officer. In �Dookudu� Mahesh used Brahmi, In �Baadshah� Brahmi used NTR. In Dookudu heroine Samantha played the role as Fashion Designer, In �Baadshah� Kajal played the role to help all. In �Dookudu� MS Narayana wants to become a hero, In �Baadshah� he wants to become a director. In �Dookudu� behind Mahesh four young men were there, In �Baadshah� also behind NTR there were young men. So with minor changes he made �Baadshah� as usual as �Dookudu� sequel.