‘Ask Me, Before Clicking My Bikini Pics’

Posted : November 15, 2013 at 4:50 am IST by ManaTelugu

Sexy heroine Katrina Kaif has once again thrown satires on the red-white-bikini pics captured by paparazzi, where she is found hanging around Ranbir Kapoor in a stony-sandy beach of Spain. This time, she stated that media should not cross limits as she is valuing them a lot.

While interacting with a TV channel to promote her latest movie ‘Dhoom 3’, Katrina reacted about those intimate pictures leaked online. Initially the spicy siren reacted funnily on the pictures saying that she would have dressed well, of course in a bikini only, if she came to know that she is being clicked by media. ‘If paparazzi had asked me for pictures, I would have worn a matching coloured bikini, rather that red and white one’, said Katrina. Also she asked the paparazzi folks before clicking her bikini pictures as she would pose well then. On a serious note, Katrina once again condemned the acts like she damned them in a written letter earlier.

‘I know that if you’re an actor your life is public, but as a human I’ve some unguarded private moments that are not required for anyone. You may not agree as paparazzi, but I have my opinion’, concludes Katrina. Having already said that she is upset with the whole happening, the ravishing Dhoom lady stressed it again.