Are Ram and NTR same page?

Posted : September 2, 2014 at 7:59 pm IST by ManaTelugu


It would be bafffing to discuss the judgement of director Santhosh Srininivas who made a hit ‘Kandireega’ with Ram and for adopting similar storyline and treatment for a superstar like NTR in ‘Rabhasa’ which surely disappointed the fans of Nandamuri star. NTR has attained the image of a ‘larger-than-life’ star many years ago and fans and even regular audience, expect extraordinary feats from the Simhadri star but giving him a simple task of uniting two warring films, is too simple and leglible for his growing onscreen image.(Brindavanam is a different ball alltogether for diffrennt reasons). 

So even few actions episodes, could set the screen on fire and its only NTR’s care-free performance, made it a bearable effort, Blame it on director, who tries to impose Ram formula or NTR and should be cursing himself, for his bad judgement and missing an golden opportunity to score a blockbuster, with a mass hero like NTR.