AP’s inability to get Awards

Posted : January 29, 2013 at 7:18 am IST by ManaTelugu
When Union Govt announced Country’s highest civilian awards many awaited who could be the reciepents of the top honors. As usual while most of the states emerged winners in their own right with their recommendations met by the Central Govt, Andhra Pradesh cut sorry figure.

To add salt to injury some of the state’s greats won awards on recommendation of neighboring states like TamilNadu. This shows inability of Andhra Pradesh Govt in using its power and flexing its muscles.

Many feel that all political parties and those MPs and MLAs in power are just interested in making personal gains rather than do something good for the state or those who did yeoman service in various fields. There is no unity among various parties with opposition and ruling party fighting over who should get credit.

This is unlike other states like Tamil Nadu where all parties try to get awards for their great who ever in power in State and Center. That was the reason why MG.Ramachandran was conferred Bharat Ratna while legendary actor and politician NTR whom no one can match in entire AP, was ignored by his own family and both his party and ruling Cong fighting over mere installation of statue at Parliament premises.

Shame on all politicians and bureaucrats who conveniently ignore telugu greats for petty gains. People of the state will never forgive them and they will remain as traitors in the history.