Anushka Made A Huge Sacrifice!!!

Posted : November 23, 2013 at 8:22 am IST by ManaTelugu

Among the talented beautiful ladies we have, Mangalore siren Anushka Shetty always takes the top place. In the recent days she is getting praised for her acts that benefit producers a lot. But after watching her other day release, we have to say that in another way.

During the audio release function of ‘Varna’, many biggies have praised Anushka for her dedication and producer-friendly moves. People like Bandla Ganesh said she is darling of producers as she is more committed to her work and enables producers to mint money with her mere screen presence. But in reality, Anushka has made a huge sacrifice by accepting a project like ‘Varna’. No doubt, the cliched storyline and atrocious screenplay of this flick will not make any heroine take up the challenge.

Risking her career daringly, Anushka sacrificed her glorious in-form career for a sick flick that will spoil her popularity for sure. Already there are comments about her silly fights and aunty looks, and this will increase with the film struggling at theatres for few more days. What a sacrifice Sweety!