Anjali’s hard-hitting satire on Glam Dolls

Posted : June 24, 2013 at 5:51 pm IST by ManaTelugu
By saying she has no issues with anyone of her contemporary actresses, Anjali cleverly came up with satires on the leading glam dolls in the Industry.

To a question on why she was only doing homely roles onscreen in one of her recent interviews, Anjali opined that anyone can be a glam doll and the actresses who are bagging big ticket films are able to do so solely on the merit of being glamorous. ‘I want to carve a niche for myself in the Industry by playing performance oriented roles. I will never sign a film which follows the ‘four songs, two scene’ formula. I have been like this since my debut and even audience expect the same from me. I can’t let them down,’ the actress added.

In the end, Anjali clarified she isn’t averse to playing glamorous roles but would consider them at a later stage in her career. Right now, she is keen on establishing herself as an actress with substance.

When asked if she is competing for the title ‘Queen of Tolywood’, Our onscreen Seetha stated there are so many queens right now and I don’t know about the race they have been part of! She even ruled out the chances of competing with anyone, instead wants to be a known as a good actor.