Anjali, The Automatic Controversy Queen

Posted : September 25, 2017 at 5:17 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Telugu beauty from Razole, talented heroine Anjali always gets her name into some sort of controversy though she actually won’t invoke them on her own. Right from the start of the career, she became such Automatic Controversy Queen, we have to say.

Sometime back, Anjali decided to part ways with her mother (she revealed to be her step-mother later) and then that became a huge issue. Firstly a complaint was lodged saying that Anjali is Missing and then Court ordered police to bring Anjali and make her appear before them. Later Anjali himself gave clarity that she’s not kidnapped and many more statements came out. That issue refused to die down for almost 10 days back then.

And now, randomly a new heroine named Aradhya released her photo shoots claiming that she’s Anjali’s sister and promised to enact even glamour roles for the silver screen. In no time, Anjali came out with a statement that she has only one sister and she shared her picture as well. However, it is found that Aradhya, who has some looks like of Anjali, is a distant relative of the actress from Razole. Seems like intentionally Anjali wants to keep herself away from her family. And this became a controversy of sorts.

Meanwhile, with Anjali found making chapathis at hero Jai’s flat, rumours are rife that they are seeing each other, while others said they are already married. With time passing on, definitely, a controversy hugs Anjali automatically and they slow down very rarely.