Andhra MPs punch to Sonia?

Posted : August 13, 2013 at 8:27 am IST by ManaTelugu

Aug 17th seems to be the D-day for Congress when it comes to passing the crucial food security bill in Parliament and first at Lok Sabha and is having all its hopes on this bill which it feels can be a game changer for its victory in the 2014 polls.

Congress party is expected to issue a whip to all of its MP’s in Lok Sabha to vote for the bill and is desperately trying to muster support with its thin margin of support and for the bill to pass, it is important that every MP is present and vote for the party.
But some really aggrieved Seemandhra MP’s from Congress are reportedly trying to issue an ultimatum to high command on this issue and are trying to use this as a bargain for achieving concessions on Telangana issue but given the track record of how Telangana MP’s were forced to support in the past inspite of their grievances against High command, it has to be seen now whether this time Andhra MP’s will punch their leadership or silently fall in line!