Amma Mineral Water scheme caught in a row

Posted : September 18, 2013 at 7:15 am IST by ManaTelugu

Barely two days old scheme, Amma Mineral Water @ low cost, gets caught in a row. The mineral water bottles bearing the symbol of the AIADMK party, two leaves, has not gone well with opposition. In this regard there is news about someone filing a petition against the Chief Minister.

The ruling AIADMK party seems to be racing with people-attractive schemes and CM Jayalalitha seems to be in forefront to lay foundation to many offings to poor; the Amma canteens that have been serving food for low cost have become a huge hit with all sections of the people and also the low-cost vegetable shops have also become a big hit with people. Regardless of affluent and poor the sales at these vegetable outlets are soaring superb.

Along the similar lines commemorating the birth anniversary of Annadurai Jayalalitha started another poor-friendly scheme the Amma Mineral water scheme wherein people can get a liter of mineral water for as low as Rs 10, and has become first and the foremost scheme of such kind in the entire country. The CM lay foundation to the mineral water plant at Gummidipoondi last Sunday and the sales of the mineral water have taken off in the entire state already.

However, the bottles have a subtle symbol of the AIADMK party, the two leaves on these bottles which’s being objected by opposition saying government schemes cannot bear political party symbols. Soon there will be a petition on the same against the Chief Minister.