Allu Sirish Out – Allu Bobby Caught

Posted : June 11, 2013 at 10:51 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The late night pub and brawl incident with victim DJ Ma Faiza and her videographer filing a complaint on Allu Sirish was sensational news since last two days. While Sirish pleaded his innocence, photos and video footage covered by videographer served as evidence for police to come out with actual truth. The man who was at the pub was not Allu Sirhs but it was his elder brother Allu Venkatesh, known as Allu Bobby.

Immediately, Jubilee Hills Police confirmed this and registered a complaint. ‘I hope these pictures will help identify assailants and bring them to justice for assaulting us,’ Ma Faiza said. As per reports, videographer started shooting Allu Bobby and his friends at Daspalla who were enjoying the school get together. Bobby requested her not to shoot but she continued which led to a dirty fight. In fact, Sirish was there just for a while to say Hi to his brother’s friends.