Allu Arvind’s Brain Behind That Move!

Posted : November 11, 2013 at 10:01 am IST by ManaTelugu

Changing release dates of a big movie is not easier as it involves many distributors, exhibitors and theatre owners. But still Ram Charan’s Yevadu is getting shifted to January 11th from December 19th. A dig out into the happening revealed that there is a big brain behind this move.

In fact, many insiders say that it is a producer, who happens to be a mega backbone of Chiranjeevi has proposed that move. He is none other than Allu Arvind, the man who moves earth if at all he decides to pit his compound’s flicks against anything at box office. Reportedly, after watching ‘Yevadu’ at a special show, Arvind has immediately called on producer Dil Raju to release this flick at a creamy time. Though December is a good season, there is no particular holiday to bring huge openings. If it is Sankranthi, then Charan’s stamina will more audiences irrespective of the talk the movie gets. All this talk is fine, but how get theatres when big flicks like One and Vikramasimha are in line?

That is where Allu Arvind’s brain comes in again. They say that Arvind promised the exhibitors of Yevadu that they will get Race Gurram to their theatres if they pave way for Charan. That is luring many theatre owners to run for Yevadu though all these days they have pitched for other big flicks.