All time hits vs Hall time hits

Posted : September 14, 2012 at 10:18 am IST by ManaTelugu
Now a days people are used to hearing the word records, collections etc and many are left wondering whether they are really true or it is just a hype created by the film makers. Even if these records turn out to be true in any particular film, the film will be screened for not more than two to three weeks. It will continue its journey only if another film doesn’t come in its way carrying a good talk. Now a days people completely forgot the words ‘golden jubilee’, ‘silver jubilee’. Even 100 days is becoming a rarity. Some try to find comfort in the fact that while during olden days if a film celebrates 100 days, it comes to three shows per day for 100 days. It adds to 3×100=300 shows over all. Now a days if a film is released in 10 theaters and 4 shows per day, in a week 280 shows would be completed. But all this is number jumbling. For the entire first week only fans watch the film and the fate of the film would be decided in the second week during which people decide whether to watch the film or not going by reviews and mouth talk. Film makers are not concerned about all these but are releasing the film with more number of prints and rake money.
In 1977 NTR starrer ‘Adavi Ramudu’ celebrated 100 days in 32 centers. Dasara Bullodu completed 100 days in 22 centers , 200 days in 4 centers. Its first week collections came upto Rs 10, 68000. But all these were not considered as victories. Lavakusa which was released in 1963 in 26 centers celebrated 100 days and even on its second release it created a sensation. It is the first film to have collected one crore. But it happened in 14 weeks. But current 100crs is no match to Lavakusa’s one crore 80yrs back. This shows that Lavakusha record is unbreakable even now as it is the only film which is widely watched whenever it is screened.