Ali Khan is only the Binami?

Posted : January 4, 2013 at 6:16 am IST by ManaTelugu
In OMC with Gali Janardan Reddy in conducting his company’s related fake mining records his personal assistant K Mogaz Alikhan has played the keyrole is what the CBI saying .With OMC Ali khan has gained a lot,with Gali Janardan reddy he has done lotof fake transactions and has benifitted a lot,by warning diffirent company’s he used to purchase ore for least rates and by using  the name of OMC he used to sale.In this way by the amount gained by fake mining used to overflow in foreign company’s said by CBI .The income gained by OMC Alikhan used to convert  in his private properties by invest-ing .

Near Banguluru International airpot with rupees 50 crores he purchased 200 acres of land agreement , he has shown only rupees 68 crores  business  to the income tax department . Investigation is under process regarding this CBI said here in Hyderabad .  On otherhand CBI has detached a statement letter on Ali khan  involving the role in OMC case  jointly with Gali janradan reddy the chief culprit in OMC case . The CBI has detached 47 pages statement letter approximately out of 3000 pages statement letter of 67 related papers has been detached by the CBI .  In this detached Paper CBI has stated 36 evidences, benguluru  CBI who has filed a case in OMC case on alikhan in that case he has already handed over his hands to the police last year March 2’nd in court . On PTI warrant on October 5’th CBI has brought him in court,his 90 days time has been completed with wednesday so on this regard CBI has detached related statement letterand submitted in court .