Akhil faces insults due to Dad Nag

Posted : February 27, 2013 at 8:45 pm IST by ManaTelugu
King Nagarjuna turning Nostalgic says  “When I am doing the movie ‘ Shiridi Sai’,I felt I am in another world.  I have known about baba and I felt near to baba.  After that  I  had  to dance for a song in “Damarukam”.  After that for “greeku Verudu”.  I have to change as a stylish person. I have taken  so much time to change from ‘Shiridi Sai’ to ‘Greeku Verudu”.

In the film “Greeku Verudu”, hero is Nagarguna and the heroine is Nayantara. The director is Dasaradh . In the Media conference  Nagarguna expressed his love for Greeku Veerudu get up. He says  “From today the shooting has been completed. I became a habitat of this styslish getup. From this getup I don’t want to come out. Dasaradh makes a film to enjoy all the family members.  He knows the youth very much. We have already put the teaser  in the net.  We got good response and we felt very happy.  Today Akhil called me and saying that all his friends are asking him that ‘what is the secret behind your dady’s glamour’.  I felt very happy to here those words’.