After elections can other Party roll back present decisions?

Posted : March 31, 2013 at 2:01 pm IST by ManaTelugu
After elections can other Party roll back present decisions? Writing is clearly written on wall for Cong party that its days are numbered both at Andhra Pradesh state and Center. Only people like YS.Jagan who is languishing in jail or Mulayam,Laloo on whom CBI charges are there should bail out, but forget about others if Jagan does it in Andhra Pradesh, he will face the wrath of entire people of the state as they are looking for YSR rule where prices were not so high and fees reimbursed.

All political parties are critical of Govt and Chandra Babu is trying hard to regain his charm as TDP supremo and former CM. He is promising heaven if voted to power and not lagging behing is Jagan of YSRCP. But one wonder whether which ever party comes to power will they roll back current Govt decisions to hike registration prices, power prices, RTC prices, auto charges etc.

Many times over the years parties which fought against price rice, after coming to power never ever spoke of them. Feel people will be cheated by even opposition parties in future!.