ACB ride on YSR’s shadow

Posted : December 26, 2012 at 1:42 pm IST by ManaTelugu
In the times of YSR being the Chief Minister of AP, there used to be a person with white hair always behind YSR. He is Sureedu. Everybody knows that KCP was the soul to YSR and Sureedu was like his shadow. After the demise of YSR, both of them lost their glory. Jagan didn’t give much importance to Sureedu like his father did. Sureedu was once a key suspect in Jagan’s illegal properties case and was hot topic at that time and then everything went normal and Sureedu was out of limelight.
Now this name is foreground again. The ACB raid on his house is the reason behind this. ACB has raid on APPSC member Rivunjaya Reddy, who has close association with Sureedu, which leads to a raid on Sureedu’s house as well. There were accusations on Sureedu, that he made many self-helping activities in the time YSR.
There is a talk in political circles that in order to get hold of Sureedu, government has planned this raid. There was news some time back that Sureedu has turned as an approver in the case of Jagan’s illegal properties.