ABN RK Corners Charmi

Posted : August 31, 2013 at 10:01 am IST by ManaTelugu

Seems like busty seductress Charmi got cornered into a tricky spot by ABN Andhra Jyothy’s Radha Krishna. This happened when she chose to sit in the hot seat of ABN’s most popular talk show ‘Open Heart with RK’. But what is she cornered for, and how is her reaction ?

Apparently ABN Radha Krishna is known for his straight forward questions that often need guts to answer. One can notice from the promos of Charmi’s Open Heart that she is asked how come she justifies her ‘over exposing’ on silver screen in the wake of nation witnessing a rape a day. Though our sizzling heroine tried to convince that she is catering the needs of audience by providing entertainment for them, her final answer will be known after the airing of that interview on Sunday night. However, youths have started speculating about Charmi’s answer and RK’s reaction.

Charmi could say that she is just entertaining, and then RK will ask does showing skin is entertainment? If she says rapes are not happening due to skin shows on silver screen, then RK will put her in a fix saying she acknowledges spicy acts of heroine. If she says no comment, then RK will ask how being a woman she could avoid the question. Let us wait to know Charmi’s final answer.