Abbai proposes-Babai disposes

Posted : December 22, 2012 at 9:57 am IST by ManaTelugu
It has been a week that Nayak’s audio was launched, but the speech of RamCharan on that day are still creating waves across. In order to end this all, Mega brother Nagababu made an apology to the media for the Charan’s comments addressing media, “na ventrukatho samanam” on behalf of RamCharan. There has been news on Chiru’s family members that there are disputes between Mega brothers. “Ram Charan might be shook up by these kinds of rumors on our family which made him make such comments. Ram Charan being a youngster is not yet aware of handling these kind of situations in the lives of celebrities” reasoned Nagababu in support of Ram Charan. “Charan wouldn’t have said those words” said Nagababu.
“Even the recent gossips that assuming the Dasari’s latest comments are meant to Chiranjeevi, were also so untrue. Dasari never mentioned the name Chiranjeevi. Dasari said those words out of frustration” explained this Mega brother.