3 Crores Record Vs Bikini Fiasco

Posted : August 16, 2014 at 10:39 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Independence Day treats to Telugu audiences haven’t lived up to the expectations. When cinema lovers are expecting mind boggling stuff inside theatres, our film makers have given it in a piecemeal. Mainly, big ticket film like Sikander has disappointed on the start of lengthy weekend.

Star hero Surya and director Linguswamy’s combination raised alarming hype for ‘Sikander’. But all that hoopla turned just a simple routine mass movie on silver screen with no perks of enjoyable content. But this movie got split into two interesting aspects, one being the possible 3 crore collections share on opening day. Trade sources revealed that after Rajnikanth, no other Tamil hero’s dubbed flick has crossed this figure till date. In that case we have to call Surya as another Pawan Kalyan, because they can score numbers even with disastrous movies.

Second shocking aspect of the movie is queen-bee Samantha’s sensuous sizzling in a two piece bikini. Provided that she has humongous fan base for her saintly looks, her ravishing appearance to cut into the lines of glamour-doll kind heroines has upset fans. With huge discussions opening up as to why Sam resorted to such dirty show, despite not having a hot bikini body, we need to call this another fiasco.