144 sec in Secretariat

Posted : October 15, 2012 at 11:02 am IST by ManaTelugu
144 Section will be Imposed by police during emergencies so that it bars people mobolising mobs to go on protests increasing the tensions.According to the section, four or more people should be seen in a group. For more than two months there was no cabinet meeting held in Secretariat by the Govt. When curious onlookers and media tried to find out by enquiring some leaders, one wily leader humorously remarked that for a cabinet meet more than 30 people will come. But how can it be possible when 144 section is under force at Secretariat.
This shows how callously Govt and its ministers are considering the burning problems of people. Even when cabinet meet is held, ministers fight between themselves or try to target CM without allowing him to function. Some don’t even attend the meet as a protest against CM. When media asked during olden days kings used to have a big bell outside their fort so that whenever poor and needy finds the necessity they can ring the bell at any time. Rulers used to come out to solve the problems any time where ever they were.
For this the leaders said when media itself is reporting that Govt is not having any work why to trouble people from other places making them come all the way from their villages and get disappointed when their work is not completed by the inefficient govt. They went on to add that all these steps were taken for the benefit of the people but rued that no one understands the value of their steps.