1 Nenokkadine: Thrilling experience (Fan Review)

Posted : January 11, 2014 at 1:03 am IST by ManaTelugu

I’m self-proclaimed fan of Mahesh Babu. Like many of his fans, to me, Sankranthi has arrived few days before with Mahesh Babu-starrer One Nenokkadine hitting the screens Friday. Yet what’s disturbing is that a Telugu picture, first of its kind made on par with Hollywood standards, being panned by a section of critics.

Contrary to their view, I’d like to express my views in a balanced way with this ‘Fan review’. Truth be told, the movie is ‘not that bad’ as pointed by them. In many ways, it’s a trendsetting film in tinsel town which has been sticking to age-old formulaic films.

The story is simple. It’s a tale of an individual Goutam, a rock star who lost his parents to goons, and takes revenge against them. Since his childhood, he is made to believe that he is suffering from a memory disorder. With this, it throws him into confused state. And he is unaware of things that’s happening in his front are true or not. What’s the truth? What exactly happened to Goutam? Did his parents exist? If so, who are his parents and how did they die? The rest of the film answers the above questions. Although, those answers are not comprehensive enough but they satiate the cynic in you.

Mahesh, who is arguably No.1 hero in Tollywood, has taken a huge risk by picking up this out-of-the-box and experimental story. He deserves credit for accepting such path-breaking story. He is extraordinary in every bit. And producers trio- Anil Sunkara, Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta- deserve a pat on their back for believing in such a subject and risking their money in this psychological thriller. It’s gutsy and arduous attempt.

And I do agree that definitely, there are mistakes in the film like in every other film and the mistakes in One Nenokkadine are not glaring ones. Director Sukumar should have handled it wisely considering the huge hype surrounding the film. He failed as a director. Too many cooks- there are many people involved in story writing, direction departments- spoiled the broth. Many compounding twists and turns complicates story but Sukumar tried his best to narrate it in smooth way such that even common audience could understand it.

Right from the opening scene- where Jr Goutam runs for his life- to the end where Goutam traces his parents identity, the film is intense, intact, tight and keeps you on the toes. The film strikes a chord with majority of audience as there are no unnecessary songs and dialogues. At places, the film appears draggy but never bores you and enthralls you. Music is soothing and fits the bill. Picturesque locales like Goa, London, Belfast give you a visual treat. Cinematography by Ratnavelu is top notch. Film’s heroine Kriti Sanon has made a splashy debut. Unlike other Telugu heroines, Kriti is very fortunate as she got maximum screen space in her maiden movie itself.

There are also few hilarious moments. Dialogues are good and flows with the story. Sample this, TV journalist Sameera (Kriti Sanon) tells this line in convincing celebrated rock star Mahesh for interview: ‘Celebrities could survive without ACs but can’t survive with out fans!’ Since this is a thriller film, it is unfair and inappropriate to expect comedy and duets. Interval bang is gripping and climax portion is ultimate.

Plus Points: Mahesh Babu’s performance, thrilling episodes, gutsy attempt in Tollywood, no unnecessary dialogues, songs, visual brilliance and top notch cinematography.

Minus points: Length of the film, direction, too many twists and turns

Verdict: ONE NENOKKADINE is a smart film which offers you food for thought and many edge-of-the-seat thrilling experiences. On whole, it is one time watch and makes a good watch this festive season. Go without huge expectations and I’m sure you will enjoy this film.

Rating :  3.25/5