1..Nenokkadine, a daring attempt…

Posted : January 13, 2014 at 10:17 pm IST by ManaTelugu

!..Nenokkadine is an entirely  different, path breaking movie, a daring attempt from the director , producers and above all super star Mahesh Babu. The movie is of Hollywood range.

I think, Tollywood still has to grow, come out of the run of the mill stories and showing a star hero as numero uno with all hype and idiotic dialogues satisfying the so called fans. People of Tollywood are still enclosed in a shell, a world of their own.
Any movie runs because of the script, editing, direction & music and not because of a Super star or a Power star. A star’s image only helps in the first day collections. Fans and the so called industry people satisfy themselves by claiming that their hero is no.1. No hero can save a film on his own strength which has been proved time & again, looking at the history.
But, sometimes we don’t understand why a movie becomes a hit. Like, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu  which is such an idiotic movie but still managed to be a hit. 1 is far better than SVSC in all aspects.
When it comes to acting, definitely we can say, Mahesh Babu is the best. He is a versatile actor who can do any kind of roles. He is number one in the looks and acting department. we should appreciate him for his sincere attempt and daring step. And also, we should appreciate the director and the producers.
But, it is true that the movie is very lengthy and boring at times. Script is good but editing has taken a back bench. Direction is good but it should have been more slick. Devi sri Prasad totally failed as a music director except for one or two songs.
Over all, it is a good attempt and it is time for us to grow, come out of the shell and reach the twilight zone.